About The Book

When my daughter Winni* was born in 2004, I began looking for children’s books about Lake Winnipesaukee.  The library in our cottage had a number of books about the lake, including Winnipesaukee Whoppers, a collection of folktales about the lake, but no actual children’s book.  During the many hours of slow living with a newborn that summer, I wrote The Witches in hopes that maybe I might turn it into a book someday.

After a number of years of approaching regional and national publishers to no avail, I decided to publish the book on my own.  In the summer of 2010, Sally from Yikes Gallery suggested I approach Karel Hayes and ask if she would be willing to illustrate the story.  Karel lives in Center Harbor and responded very positively to my story.  With the help of Karel’s son John Gory, financial baking from my mom, Jane Opel, and the professional guidance of Deidre Randall at Peter Randal Publishing, by the spring of 2011 we had a book ready for publication.  We printed 2000 copies for the first printing and sold 1700 between Memorial Day and Labor Day 2011.  We were thrilled by the response and it was great fun to do book readings and signings with so many other longtime fans of Lake Winnipesaukee.

We will be printing a second edition for 2012 and there may be a sequel in 2013 – stay tuned!

* Yes, Winni was named after the lake in honor of my grandmother, Alice Rainie, who loved the lake so much she made my grandfather buy the house on Dockham Shore.  Alice used to visit the lake with her mother, Rachel Bateson and they brought my mother to the lake when she was an infant in 1928.  Winni was born in the Concord hospital and is the 5th generation of our family to return to the “smile of the great spirit.”

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